Hmong Student Association


A Historic Library

Past Officers of Hmong Student Association

Officers 2008-2009

President: Angela Her(Fall)/Vang Lee(Spring)

Vice-President: Sai Thao(Fall)

Secretary: Mai Der Yang

Treasurer: Teng Vang(Fall)/Tou Lee Chang (Spring)

Judicial: Lee Yang(Fall),Mai See Vang(Fall), Neng Yang, Song Her(Spring)

Community Activities Directors- Song Her, Mai Vang


Education Chairs: Vang Kou Khang, Xeng Xai Xiong

Culture Chairs: Mai Chou Thao,

Historian: Mai Chou Thao

Webmaster: Xang Xiong(Fall) / Sherlong Yang(Spring)

Officers 2009-2010

President: Tou Lee Chang

Vice-President: Mai Chou Thao

Secretary: Mai Der Yang


Judicial: Vang Lee, Darla Vang, Mai Houa Xiong

Community Activities Directors- Javier Perez, Pao Houa Lee


Education Chairs: Susan Vang, Tou Yang

Culture Chairs: Xeng Xai Xiong, Ka Shoua Thao

Historian: Kathy Vue

Webmaster: Pa Nhia Vang

Officers 2010-2011

President: Xeng Xai Xiong

Vice-President: Mai Chou Thao (Fall)/Darla Vang(Spring)

Secretary: Mee Lee

Treasurer: John Lee(Fall)/Jamescy Yang(Mid-Fall)/Chorneng Yang(Spring)

Judicial: Vang Lee, Ge Her, Lialew Lee

Community Activities Directors- Susan Vang, Javier Perez

Fundraiser: Kathy Vue, Maila Khang(Fall), Bao Xiong(Spring)

Education Chairs: Kao Shoua Thao, Ge Her

Culture Chairs: Kong Meng Vang, Candi Der Vue

Historian: Ka Shoua Thao

Webmaster: Neng Yang 

Officers 2011-2012

President: Neng Yang

Vice-President: Connie Kazoua Vang

Secretary: Lisa Lee

Treasurer: Xue Moua

Judicial: Pakou Vue/Johnny Yang/Penny Lor

Community Activities Directors- Peter Thao/Trong Chang

Fundraiser: Lynda Thao (Fall)/Phing Lee (Fall), Hanna Lor (Spring)/Touger Thao (Spring)

Education Chairs: Yer Vue/ Anthony Yang

Culture Chairs: Pao Yang (Fall), Christina Vang (Spring)/Seng Yang (Spring)

Public Relation: Lai Lor/Jovany Gonzales 

Historian: Kong Yang

Webmaster:  VaMeng Lee

Officers 2012-2013 

 President: Neng Yang

Vice-President: Connie Kazoua Vang

Secretary: Lisa Lee

Treasurer: Xue Moua

Judicial: Pakou Vue/Johnny Yang/Penny Lor

Community Activities Directors- Trong Chang/Peter Thao

Fundraiser: Hanna Lor/Touger Thao 

Education Chairs: Yer Vue/Anthony Yang

Culture Chairs: Seng Yang/Christina Yang

Public Relation: Lai Lor, Jovany Gonzales   

Historian: Kong Yang

Webmaster:  VaMeng Lee

 Officers 2013-2014 

 President: Peter Thao

Vice-President: Pa Kou Vue (Fall), Penny Lor (Spring)

Secretary: Trong Chang

Treasurer: Jenny Xiong

Judicial: Kongmeng Xiong, Shai Chang, Christy Xiong

Community Activities Directors- Pazong Vang, Cheenou Xiong

Fundraiser: Danny Yang, Pao Yang

Education Chairs: Lisa Lee, Jarvis Vang

Culture Chairs: Mai Vang, Zao Vang (Fall), Lalee Moua (Spring)

Public Relation: Lai Lor, Michael Gray 

Historian: Connie Kazoua Vang (beginning-mid of Fall), Prem Xiong (mid-ending of Fall) 

Webmaster:  Pa Houa Vang Rose (Fall) 

Officers 2014-2015  

President: Lisa Lee

Vice-President: Trong Chang

Secretary: Monica Moua

Treasurer: Gaokia Xiong

Judicial: Chi Yang

Community Activities Directors- Shai Chang, Katie Vang

Fundraiser: Tria Vang, Sherry Vang

Education Chairs: Riley Yang, Koua Lee

Culture Chairs: Kongmong Her, Nancy (Fall), Deanna Xiong (Spring)

Public Relation: Zao Vang

Historian:  Prem Xiong 

Webmaster:  Zao Vang

Officers 2015-2016

President: Danny Yang 

Vice-President: Penny Lor

Secretary: Angel Ly

Treasurer: Belle Vang 

Judicials: Mong Lor, Jeng Lee, & Kou Yang

Public Relations: Anthony Vang & Johnny Moua 

CAD: Yer Vang & Jonna Yang 

Education: Shai Chang & Ethan Thao

Fundraiser: Shong Xiong & Surely Yang

Historian: Kai Yang  

Culture: Touger Thao 

Officers 2016-2017

President: Shai Chang

Vice-President: Mong Lor

Secretary: Paula Yang

Treasurer: Angel Ly

Judicials: Jack Vang & Yeng Vue

Public Relations: Sheye Lee

CAD: Christy Xiong & Jenni Thao

Education: Justine Cha

Fundraiser: Tammy Vang & Daisy Xiong


Culture: Juile Her & Payeng Thao

Education Conference History





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